• SWD Covers beside athletics track

  • SWD Covers laid prior to road filling

  • Precast Rails and Drain Covers

  • Rails ready to take up SWD Covers



  • Safe for people to walk on.
  • Three types are available in each size: Pedestrian Traffic, Car Traffic & Truck Traffic
  • Designed so as to give a good finish, the required flow capacity & high service life.
  • SWD Covers are made for drain size of 150mm to 900mm as standard units.
  • The covers use a high strength, yet ductile fibre reinforced concrete mix.


  • Our precast concrete rails were developed as our customers wanted a better option for using steel angles as bearing to covers.
  • Precast rails are useful to give a perfect line & level bearing to SWD covers and also make it easy for removal of covers during maintenance.
  • Precast Rails do not require coatings/rust preventions.
  • Precast Rails are easier to fix & merge better into landscaping.

Storm Water Drain Covers & Rails Chart


Contact us for more details of sizes and dimensions and also for precast drains