Precast Posts & Plank are a cost effective way to quickly build a fence.

Advantages of using our Post & Planks System:

* Post are cast in strong, accurate, moulds so you get good straightness & ease of placing the concrete planks
* High strength of concrete will reduce any damage during installation/handling or transplant
* We use battery moulds for casting planks. This give as cast, smooth & accurate finish on all but one side of plank.
* Posts are available in two cross sections:
* 125 mm x125 mm size should be used for maximum of 2 meter post length. This is combined with 40mm thick, high strength, 1800x300 size planks. Both these elements are light weight & thus installation is easy & fast.
* 150 mm x150 mm size of posts should be used where 1800mm are more height is required above ground level & a more robust system is required. Maximum height of post can be 3000 mm in this sectional size.
* Posts can be supplied with a MS Plate at top where an additional ‘Y’ can be welded to put up a barbed wire section on top.
* Posts can be customised to suit site requirements ( height as required by customers, cross sectional size can also be given as required)
* Panels can also be customised. (length can be given as required)
* Logo or Motif as required can be embossed on the panel surface.
* Top or middle panel can be given in the form of screen.
* It is possible to add texture to the panel surface.
* Perhaps the only fencing wall system which can be moved from one side to another with more than 90% utilization of existing structures.

Some images during installation. This type of fencing can be easily adopted to terrain with lot of level difference.

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