Our Kerb Stones are Wet Cast which give excellent finish, good edges & concrete strength.

Our moulds are made from same master, so they are exactly same in geometrical dimension. You will never get a mismatch in shape.

All Kerbs have a 7.5 or 10mm Radius at edges. Edges are most prone to damage during de-moulding, transport or handling and also during service.

Rounding up the edge give a good aesthetic finish as well as eliminate problems due to edges getting damaged.

Since the edges are neat, joints can be left open. Joint filling & curing is mostly half done at site. This activity &associated problems & costs are all eliminated as kerbstone are fixed without joint filling.

The range is not limited to what is described here, we can easily give L type, or other shapes as per your requirements.

Kerb Stone Available Sizes

Any required size as per drawing
Length Height Thickness Chamfer
45030010050 X 50
35050015075 X 75
60030015075 X 75
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