Formwork/Moulds for in-situ casting


We supplied FRP formwork for these cornices, which was very challenging to cast using steel or wooden forms. With a bit of planning very intricate shapes can be realized. Specially the curvatures can be accurate which are formed using FRP as mould material, where use of steel or ply as mould material is ruled out.


We supplied forms for in-situ casting of these intricate arches. Apart from the intricate shapes, the forms also had to support substantial volume of concrete and ability to align the forms accurately

Precast Rings Used As Permanent Form Work

Precast circular rings were used for form large circular openings in the top slab for this project. This saved time, money and also improved the accuracy of the shape and placement of the openings in the slabs. It is also possible to have details like offsets for placement of glass in the circular openings and inserts for providing anchorage with cast in situ slabs. Notice that round cornice at top of beams was also formed with forms that we supplied.

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