Fluted Columns and Arched Cornices

Fluted Columns and Arched Cornices Installed

It was decided to add columns and arches to this bungalow to create more interest in elevation.
A small fluted column piece was taken to site to get a feel of its location on bungalow fa├žade.
The GRC columns were cast with an integral MS pipe inside.
This made it possible to connect GRC column to structure at the corner of brickwork, with connections being made at RCC beams using anchor fasteners.
Corinthian capitals were fixed at the top of columns and from top of these capitals arches emerged.
The arches were formed with fabricated MS sections and then GRC arches were made up using GRC arch pieces as can be seen in the image.
These GRC Columns and Capitals with their arches were finished at site. Joints were filled with sealants and then coated with polymeric flexible paint to minimize joints being seen.
Combination of GRC with Steel simplifies fixing to structure and can reduce loads compared with GRC fixed on to RCC supports.
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